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Assisting our clients in updating a PLAN to maximize a BUDGET that leads them to SUCCEED economically and personally.
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Accounting Firm Pittsburgh, PA

Who We Are

It is our mission to continually scale with the best talent and offer a breadth of services to our thousands of clients in more than 20 industries. Recognized as one of the most highly regarded CPA firms in the Western PA Region, our professionals have a common vision to help entrepreneurs PLAN, BUDGET, and SUCCEED in our economy today.

Wilke & Associates ascribes to the business philosophy of the legendary Zig Ziglar: “You hit what you aim at, and if you aim at nothing you will hit it every time.” Wilke & Associates CPAs and Small Business Advisors want you to succeed at hitting what you aim at.

We are conveniently located in the South Hills of Pittsburgh but we serve clients anywhere from Western Pennsylvania to West Africa. Whether you are or your business is looking for a partner in consulting, tax or audit, Wilke & Associates’ CPAs has the experience to give you the peace of mind that your goals are our priority.

What We Do

To best serve you, we challenge and equip each staff member to be responsible for establishing and maintaining relationships with each client. You can be confident in communicating with your personal team members to PLAN, BUDGET, and SUCCEED in achieving your goals. Our staff enjoys and flourishes under flexible work schedules to satisfy personal and employment responsibilities. We believe this has been crucial in meeting and exceeding customer deadlines and expectations.

At Wilke & Associates, we can only SUCCEED through our clients’ achievements. We accomplish this by partnering with you to PLAN short-term and long-term in correlation to BUDGET. As we contemplate your financial goals, we will include the roles and preferences you have chosen for family and employees.

So you can establish a PLAN, we are dedicated to keeping you informed. As your team becomes aware of business updates, they will make you aware of solutions so you may implement systems and controls to conduct daily business activities efficiently. Your team is continually educating themselves about state and federal tax laws and regulations and business trends. We do this so we may be prepared to assess your needs and advise appropriately regarding your PLAN.

We believe you will have success if you regularly adjust your PLAN and review BUDGET to actual. Even if your initial attempt does not yield results you initially expected, do not give up! You now know how far off target you are and can make necessary corrections to adjust your aim to SUCCEED in hitting your bulls-eye.

Our Customers

By creating a BUDGET, we will help you go beyond the numbers. At Wilke & Associates, Tax, Audit, and Consulting are much more than transcribing numbers into a form or a spreadsheet. We consider your lifestyle, personal financial goals, business objectives, investment and/or divestment in helping you to create a BUDGET. Some practical tools we employ are QuickBooks, Sage, and Financial Statements.

Depending on your situation, Property Cost Segmentation, Retirement Planning, Estate Tax Planning, and Real Estate transactions will have an impact on monthly, quarterly or annual budgets. We aspire to equip our clients with the tools and knowledge. This helps our clients make informed decisions to meet BUDGET goals to stay focused on success.

You will SUCCEED as we partner in putting the pieces together with you. Our Partners and accounting staff have practical experience in many service areas for new and established businesses. You may be considering starting a business, and need to decide on a business entity or require a business PLAN for financing. You may be a struggling business owner with a great product or service and realize applying a BUDGET in a practical way will help your business SUCCEED. You may have already achieved SUCCESS in business and would like to prepare a business valuation to PLAN a transition or you may want to grow your business and would benefit from our CFO outsource consulting services.

Can You Hear Us?

Listen to what our employees say about working at Wilke & Associates:

“They (Partners) treat you with respect and always make sure you feel like you are part of the team. They (Partners) reward you nicely for meeting goals.”

“We have great knowledgeable leaders and staff members; I would be happy to recommend Wilke & Associates to anyone.”

“It’s a great place to work! There’s very little politics and the partners are always available to listen and help you with questions or problems. The team they have put together over the years works very well together.”

“Wilke & Associates is an amazing firm to work for. The Partners are very supportive and respectful to all of their employees. I have enjoyed working here over the years and intend to continue to enjoy this firm.”

“The leaders allow employees to do their jobs without micromanaging. If the job is done well, then employees are rewarded for a job well done.”

“Each and every one of our leaders will listen; you can tell they genuinely care about their employees. From admin to the highest tax managers—everyone has an opportunity here.”

“My immediate supervisor is always there to help me work things out.”

Interested in a career with us? Please get in touch with us via our contact page and get started today.

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